Ottawa Newborn Photographer | Attached

April 18, 2016

I’ve known Emily for a very long time. I’ve said it before, shooting special moments for people that I know is one of the best parts of this job.

When I think back to this shoot, the overwhelming feeling that I remember is kindness. This family is so attached  and in tune with one another  and they treat each other with such kindness.  Having a newborn is a lot of work and it requires you to do a lot. Every time Alice needed something, I could see that her parents were  happy to attend to her needs. When Emily needed something, I was so touched with just how kind and in sync Andrew was in helping her out. Few words were spoken during these times, things just got done. What an incredible environment for little Alice to grow up in.

Thank you, Emily and Andrew for having me out. I look forward to seeing Alice grow up :)Alice

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