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I have two years worth of blogging to get caught up on and I’m starting with the first wedding from the 2018 season. This one holds a special place in my heart.

I love the stories, the emotions and the connections on a wedding day. I love getting to know a couple and seeing their special day unfold.

I have known Amber for 12 years so this wedding was incredibly special as I know the stories that brought us to this day. To be able to witness and capture the love that Luke and Amber share was an absolute honour. From the minute they started planning, the focus has always been on what’s important to these two – a simple declaration of their love and commitment to one another, personal touches, family surrounding them and good food and drinks :) I truly did very little directing – what is seen in these photos is authentic.

Amber and Luke – Being able to witness a dear friend full of joy is priceless. I could have written a novel to describe how important it was to me to be a part of your day. I look forward to seeing you both grow together and build a life together. Your love is real and raw and it was an absolute pleasure to get to witness your commitment. I wish you lots of love, laugh and adventures in the future :)


When your last image of the night is of the bride and groom jumping on a trampoline at 4am in the streets of New York City, you know it’s been a fun night.

I am SO thankful that everything aligned and I was able to meet up with family to be there to capture this amazing day.   It was clear from the start that Stuart and Cher wanted to enjoy their day and they wanted their guests to be spoiled.  There was the ceremony in a gorgeous part of Central Park, a cocktail party that included games of hide and seek, touching speeches, traditional songs, fun photos in the dark, firetrucks, karaoke and trampolines. A LOT was packed into this day and I could not have enjoyed it any more.

Stuart and Cher – thank you so much for treating us all so well and for being such a fun (and energetic!) couple. I am so excited for you to see all of your photos!

central park ceremony


central park











As I sat down to prepare Amanda and Simon’s blog post, I looked through their images and was reminded of how beautiful, relaxed and full of love their day was. This was also the first wedding I’ve been in where everything ran exactly (like EXACTLY) on time!

Amanda and Simon were so easy to hang out with. My absolute favourite part of the day was wandering around the Domain Perrault Vinery finding the little nooks and unique spots where we could create some beautiful images. This involved climbing around spider webs and farm equipment but they did it will smiles and a sense of adventure! Amanda and Simon have an easy, loving way about them and I loved capturing this in their photos!

Amanda and Simon – thank you for having me out to celebrate with you and to document part of your incredible day. You threw a gorgeous wedding and your guests were so friendly and helpful. It was an amazing day! I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon and I look forward to showing you the rest of your gallery!

formals ReceptionDomaine Perrault

I’ve been spoiled by the number of really fun wedding parties I’ve had the chance to work with and this group was NO exception. Within 2 minutes of seeing them all together, I knew we were going to have a fun day. I laughed so hard during our time together that I had tears on a number of occasions. You could see how much this group loved Eric and Christine and how important it was to them that they have an amazing day.

The other thing that stands out to me about this day was how relaxed everyone was (after the ceremony!) We took our time, enjoyed the moments (including visiting ribfest!) and created some amazing photos. Throughout the whole day Eric and Christine had their priorities straight – they wanted to enjoy themselves, not be rushed and make sure they had fun with the people they invited. It was an absolute joy to capture all of this.

Eric and Christine – I left your wedding with a huge smile of my face feeling very thankful that we had met. Your day was everything a wedding should be – a day full of love, surrounded by people who support you, topped off with a fabulous party!


I met Shannon and Andrew over a year ago at a small Tim Hortons. We discussed our visions for wedding photography and  hit it off. I was SO excited at the thought of getting to shoot their wedding. Shannon had a ton of do it yourself ideas and “candid and real” photos were their favourite. I was THRILLED to get the email from them asking me to be their photographer!

Their day was exactly what I thought it would be – a day full of laughs and SO many fun people! I felt  energized by just how happy everyone was throughout the day.  A big thank you to Christine from Love Bunny Photography for helping me out! Here is a small sampling of the fun that was had:

Shannon looked radiant and she was so relaxed right from the start. It took a while for her to get tied up into her dress and I love how all the girls broke into cheers and clapping when they finally had her corset done up correctly! Andrew also sent a very sweet gift and note for Shannon to read before she headed off to the church.

getting ready-wI love how Andrew was looking at Shannon as her father walked her down the aisle :)




The bridal party photos were a BLAST. This group was up for anything. It was cold and windy and I didn’t hear any complaints! I even got some tips from them about how to keep bridal parties happy and cooperative (I’ll be investing in a cooler…). The only rules during the leaf fight was “no wet leaves thrown at the bride!”. They took this fight very seriously (the girls were using their dresses to collect a good amount of ammunition). I love these photos!
I wasn’t sure if we’d actually have fall colours this late into the season. We were so lucky they were still around and so vibrant!

coupleThe reception was full of amazing personal touches. Shannon and her crew created everything (table numbers, cupcake boxes..) and it all came together beautifully. reception

ringsJust before I left we headed out to the car that Andrew restored especially for the wedding. These two need no direction. All I asked them to do was get in the car, snuggle up and kiss. One of my favourite shots of the night:


Thank you, Shannon and Andrew for hiring me to be your photographer! Your wedding was an absolute joy to be a part of! I’ll be in touch soon with your gallery!


Does NOT stay mainly in the plains!

I could make this blog post a novel – I have so much to say about this amazing couple and my experience as their wedding photographer. I’ll keep it short, though, and let the photos do most of the talking.

Jurjen and Idah fell in love with the beautiful city of Medina-Sidonia and decided to travel from their native Holland to get married here. When I arrived – I could see why. This place was gorgeous and the people were incredibly welcoming.  We stayed at Casa Reza, where we were treated like royalty. The accommodations were beautiful and we had an amazing view. I’d highly recommend it!

Jurjen and Idah were  told that it rained about 10 days out of the year and the rest of the time it was bright and sunny. We assumed that we were going to get a bright and sunny wedding day. We woke up to torrential rain – and the forecast promised that it would last for the day.

As it turned out, the rain turned to sprinkles just before the ceremony and stayed away for the rest of the night! In the end I was thrilled with the rain as it created this amazing mist which made for incredible photo opportunities!

Enough about the weather…onto their day!

I literally squealed when I saw the church they were getting married in.

I love the anticipation just before the bride enters. Idah looked gorgeous.


There were SO many places for us to shoot! The 3 of us had a great time racing around during the cocktail hour getting some special photos of just the two of them.

Idah and Jurjen paid a lot of attention to the details for their day. The reception was held at La Vista de Medina and the decor and atmosphere was perfect! Their energetic entrance into the room (dancing!) was just a taste of the dancing to come.

This was not posed, I snuck up on them while they were having a moment together. Gotta love clients who choose to have sweet moments in sweet light!

They had one of the BEST first dances I’ve ever seen! They choreographed an energetic dance to compilation of songs. It was incredible! I wanted to stop photographing and just watch. They had some seriously fierce moves!

The party continued! The floor was packed all night.

I went outside to scope out some places to do some night shots and found the kids playing in the square. Isn’t the mist gorgeous!? I had to interrupt Idah and Jurjen (who were on the dance floor ALL night) to take them outside for a few photos.

And one of the final captures of the night is one of my favourite photos.

Thank you, Jurjen and Idah for hiring me to photograph your wedding. It was wonderful to get to know you and your family. You are all incredibly special and I feel so blessed to have been able to spend so much time with you. I’ll be in touch very soon with your gallery!




Jerilyn and Nils met in college when she was a diver and he was a swimmer. They thought that because they met in the water, they should be married by the water. The water that they chose was the Italian Riviera!

I could write a novel about this couple and about how lucky I am that I got to travel to Italy with them to photograph their wedding. Jerilyn got in touch with me last year after I overheard her sister chatting at work about how she was going to be in a wedding in Italy. I made a “joke” about being a photographer who loved to travel and thought that was the end of the story. Well, a couple of emails and phone calls later, I was going to Italy!

As a photographer who loves to tell a story, it was fabulous to get to spend a week surrounded by Jerily and Nils’s friends and family. I got to learn a lot about this couple. The thing that stood out the most for me is just how much they are loved. Their guests came from the US, Sweden, Canada, England, Norway, and a number of other countries to spend a week with them on a cruise to celebrate this (long awaited!) marriage ceremony. Everyone was very happy to recount funny stories and talk about how important it was for them to be there. There were a lot of laughs had and way more (happy!) tears than I expected!

I can see why they are so loved – this is a couple who lives life fully. It was fun to capture their story.

Jerilyn and Nils, thank you so much for  having me along as your wedding photographer. You are both such wonderful people and so much fun to be around. Enjoy your sneak peek…your full gallery will be coming shortly!

I loved the details……

Nils and the boys got ready on the boat as we were coming into port.

All of the guests had to take a tender from the boat to get to shore for the ceremony.

Jerilyn and the girls got ready at the Grand Hotel Miramere in Santa Margherita.

Jerilyn and Nils planned a 2 hour cocktail reception after their ceremony and there were people that travelled from all over Europe to see them for 3 hours. They wanted to see each other and do couple photos before the ceremony so they could spend as much time as possible with their guests. This was their first look. I love Nils’ expression.

One of the girls…

A little down time before the ceremony. I love this one.

The ceremony was filled with a lot of laughs and tears! Jerilyn referred to herself as Nils when saying her vows and Nils’ sister sang a beautiful Swedish song that left most of us misty eyed (even though a good majority of us had no idea what she was saying!).

After the ceremony there was a champagne toast and a cocktail reception (with amazing food). Again, there were many laughs and tears! My favourite speeches are those that roast the couple a little bit, and there was plenty of roasting this evening (and a lot of nice things were said too….but the roasting was more fun!)

We had a few minutes to capture some more couple photos before heading back to the boat. I could have shot here all day – it was gorgeous!

We then headed back to the boat for the pre-dinner reception and dinner. The food was incredible!  There were more speeches, a visit from Darth Vader, a special video recorded message from Jerilyn’s grandfather and some dancing. The evening finished off with am amazing dinner at the Pinnacle grill.

And we’ll end with one of  my favourite images from the day.

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