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I am so grateful to have had the chance to photograph Emily’s from her high school graduation to her wedding to her maternity shoot. These two are a special couple full of love of life – their little one has chosen well. I can’t wait to meet him <3

I’ve said it so many times, but my favourite shoots are the ones where I get to explore a whole new environment. Throw in some incredibly fun people, and it’s a perfect evening! I loved getting to know Matt and Nathalie better as we wandered around Toronto, finding little nooks and learning new things about the city (the lights of the CN Tower come on RIGHT at sunset!).

Natalie and Matt were naturals in front of the camera – especially when I left them alone to do their thing. All of my favourite moments are the ones I caught as they chatted and laughed together, waiting for the next shot.  They have a really calm, easy way about them.

Natalie and Matt – I hope you enjoy your blog post! I cannot wait for your wedding!


This baby was the MOST chill baby and after spending some time with his super chill family, I could see where he got his skills from.  This family was so relaxed and refreshed looking when I arrived (especially for having a one week old!).  Even their guard dog was relaxed – he followed us around, photobombed on occasion but just generally stayed around me letting me know (calmly!) he was there to protect.  At the end of the session I double checked that I got all of the images I had wanted as it all seemed to go by with little effort! I’m excited for the extended family shoot we have planned with this family in the summer (although, I have a feeling they are also VERY capable of being pretty rambunctious…).

Thank you K and T for having me out – I’m so excited for our next shoot!


I’ve known Emily for a very long time. I’ve said it before, shooting special moments for people that I know is one of the best parts of this job.

When I think back to this shoot, the overwhelming feeling that I remember is kindness. This family is so attached  and in tune with one another  and they treat each other with such kindness.  Having a newborn is a lot of work and it requires you to do a lot. Every time Alice needed something, I could see that her parents were  happy to attend to her needs. When Emily needed something, I was so touched with just how kind and in sync Andrew was in helping her out. Few words were spoken during these times, things just got done. What an incredible environment for little Alice to grow up in.

Thank you, Emily and Andrew for having me out. I look forward to seeing Alice grow up :)Alice

I love this little family. I met them first at her sister’s wedding, then at her maternity shoot and now at baby S’s newborn session.  This family is full of love and energy and I was so happy to get to photograph the story of where they are right now.

While I appreciate a good family photo – my absolute favourite captures from sessions are the moments in between – breastfeeding , jumping on the bed while waiting to try another group shot, soothing the baby while we get photos of the older brothers,  games of peek-a-boo, impromptu dance parties and the general chaos of getting everyone to sit in one place. These are some the details that make this family who they are and I’m so happy to have had the chance to help preserve them.

D and N – thank you so much for having me over! I had a fantastic time with your family :) I’ll be in touch soon with the rest of your gallery!




There are so many reasons that these photos are so special to me. To start off, Emily has been a big part of my business from day one. When I was looking for people to practice on she stepped up in a big way – she got groups of her friends together, organized the outfits according to my concepts and patiently indulged me when I wanted to try new things. I learned a ton and had so much fun shooting her and her friends! Throughout the years I’ve had many chances to capture Emily and Phil and their friends and family.

Most importantly, though, these photos are special because my very favourite thing about photography is capturing relationships and emotions. It is special when you get to be a spectator and capture people’s relationships. However, it is an incredible honour to get to capture people when you have a relationship with them and their family.  I love these people!

As you can see from the photos this day was FUN.  Phil, Emily and their incredible wedding party were happy to follow my vision of wandering downtown Ottawa and seeing what transpired.  I always do some posed photos for weddings but my favourites are always the candids and the moments in between the organized pictures.  Our unplanned adventures took us to a free wine tasting, wandering the market, waving to bus loads of tourists and dancing to one of the buskers downtown.  I love what we created!

I could go on and on about the speeches and the rockin’ party but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Emily and Phil – thank you so much for including me in your day. I enjoyed every second of it! I can NOT wait to show you your complete gallery!

ottawa wedding photographer



It’s hard to put into words just how moving and full of love this day was. It was obvious from the start that Karin and Sam wanted this day to be about celebrating their love and making sure their guests had an amazing time.  The details were thoughtful and gorgeous, the food was incredible and the party was SO much fun.   I was also so thrilled to get to share the day shooting with Amber from Amber Anderson Photography.

I could write a book about the touching, incredible moments throughout this day. One of the parts that stands out the most were the speeches. All of the speeches were beautifully written and spoke of two people who work hard to make this world a place where people feel important, safe and valued.  Many of us got teary as Karin and Sam’s family and friends described these two wonderful women. There were also a TON of laughs.
?This group knows how to have a good time! The reception was SO much fun to photograph!

Karin and Sam – thank you so much for including Amber and I in your day. I left your party so thankful to have witnessed the love you have for each other, your friends and family.



These two get married in one week so I thought it was time I blogged their engagement session! The thing that stands out most for me is just how in love they are. I didn’t have to ask them to snuggle, whisper in each others’ ear, smile at each other – it just came naturally to them. I CAN NOT wait to photograph this wedding. It is going to be full of such special details and amazing moments.

Emily and Phil – see you in ONE WEEK!


You learn a lot about a couple by the speeches that people make at weddings. When I met Dannik and Mike, I thought that they were incredibly kind, thoughtful, creative and totally in love. The speeches at their wedding confirmed this.  Every single speaker spoke beautifully about this couple. They described a couple that makes those around them feel special, loves to have fun and who live life to the fullest.  The wedding they threw reflected all of these things too. They threw a movie themed reception at the beautiful Chateau Laurier and the details were incredible! Chocolate Oscars for the seating assignments, movie posters (with their faces on them!) for the centrepieces, filmstrip decorations, slideshows and videos, a red carpet photo booth- it was such an experience for all of their guests (and the photographers!).  One of the highlights was this brilliant and hilarious video that they made to introduce the wedding party – the guests LOVED it!

Dannik and Mike – thank you so much for having me out to photograph your wedding. I loved capturing your story and learning more about the wonderful people you are. It was a pleasure to witness how much you love and respect each other and those around you. I hope that your day was everything you imagined it was going to be because it was truly an incredible event for all who came!

A very special thank you to Heather Sternes for second shooting with me (you are amazing!). Thank you also to Lynn Lee the incredible wedding planner who is starting her new venture  and the other vendors: Show Pony Hair, Full Bloom Floral Design , One Fine Beauty , Catherine’s Cakery , incredible dancing by Pulse N’Limited Dance Crew and Quality Entertainment.

And now onto the photos..

Chateau Laurier Wedding 2014-11-14_0002 2014-11-14_00032014-11-14_00122014-11-14_0013

2014-11-14_0005 2014-11-14_0006 2014-11-14_0007 2014-11-14_0008 2014-11-14_0009 2014-11-14_0010

Kara and I first “met” on the phone. We had been chatting by email about the possibility of me shooting her wedding and we set a date to meet on the phone to see if we were a good fit. Once she started to tell me the details of the wedding I KNEW we would be a good fit. Kara and Rohit planned to get married on a theatre stage, they already had a heritage house tentatively booked for photos and the reception was going to involve lots of colourful details and amazing food. Most importantly, Kara was so energetic and excited on the phone I knew she would be SO much fun to work with! I had pretty high expectations of what this wedding was going to be like! In the end, the wedding exceeded all of them!

Kara and Rohit laughed and smiled from the minute I saw each of them. They enjoyed everything they had worked hard to put together. The friends that they had chosen to stand up with them were just as energetic and fun (and up for anything – including a leaf fight!).  Their reception included really funny speeches, an epic wedding party dance and a dancing hotdog to announce the start of the evening snack! I enjoyed these two so much! Their love was so easy to capture – there is no doubt these two are meant to be together.

Kara and Rohit – thank you SO much for having me out to capture your day. You two are so authentic, creative, energetic and fun. I hope the wedding in India was half as fun as this one was! I will be in touch very soon with your gallery!

A HUGE thank you going out to Lucia Figueredo for assisting me throughout the day- you were a lifesaver!

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