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I say it over and over again…and I’ll continue! I LOVE having families that I get to follow and see their children grow up. I met A and I 2 years ago when their first son was born. I still refer to that session as the “pink exercise ball session” as little J loved to be bounced to be put to sleep. Fast forward to this fall – he is now an active big brother who STILL loves to bounce and jump.  So we had him do his thing for the family photo with him and his new baby brother.


Sweet little J was so content to just hang out and observe what was going on. He was happiest when snuggled and rocked (and fed!). I loved capturing him with his family – you can see that all of them adore him!


Thank you A and I – I was so happy to be able to capture this time for you. I really enjoy our times together – the hours fly by! I’ll be in touch with your gallery soon!

I was so happy to hear from I and A that there was a new addition to their family. A few years ago, I photographed their gorgeous first born C (her post can be found here). As you can see, the beautiful long eyelashes she had as a baby are still present 3 years later! She has grown into such a sweet and adventurous little girl. While we were waiting for her baby sister to finish her meal, she gave me a tour of her room and a few guitar lessons. I love these little unexpected moments.

Once little J was finished eating, she was wide awake and ready for her shoot. She was happiest being snuggled and just observing what was happening around her. I sat back and captured what naturally happened in front of me. She watched intently as her sister played with her toes. She peeked up at me and then snuggled contently into Mom’s neck. She gazed up at her father as he spoke softly to her. As she got tired she let us know that she needed rocking and walking. Once asleep, she stayed peacefully in her parents’ arms as she was snuggled and smooched by her sister. I hope these photos help them all to remember the sweet, daily moments that happen with a new baby.

Thank you I and A for having me over again. You have such a sweet family – I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with you all! I will be in touch soon with your gallery!

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I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my first set of twins this year. As with all the newborns I photograph, they both have strong personalities already. One is rather chill and happy to sleep while the other spent most of the session peaceful, but awake and staring at his brother. My favourite part of this session was capturing their relationship – there is something really special about the bond between twins, and it was evident even at this young age. Thank you to their Mom and Dad for having me over – your hospitality and relaxed nature was really appreciated! Thank you also, to my dear friend and fellow photographer Shona, for being the most indispensable overqualified assistant ever!

I love getting the call from past clients that they are expecting again! Karl, Miranda, Ben and I had a great time 2 years ago at Ben’s newborn session (in fact, Ben was the poster child for Jennifer Boggett Photography for a while!). His session can be found here.

Kate is the newest addition to this wonderful family and I can already see some personality traits coming out! She is squeaky just like her brother – when I changed her position she would let out a little squeak and then settle down again. She was also quite assertive ( a trait I love!) – she let me know very calmly which poses she would and wouldn’t be put into. If I curled her up and she didn’t like it, she would calmly uncurl and settle down. It wouldn’t matter how many times I tried!  When she was comfy – she would stay put as long as I needed her too. She is a sweet, snuggly little thing and I enjoyed our morning together so much!

Chatting with Karl and Miranda and playing outside with Ben added even more enjoyment to my morning. This is a fun, interesting family with a wonderful sense of humour. There were lots of laughs! The session ended with a good giggle about the “girly” piddle that was left on the blanket by Kate. Heart shaped, how sweet is that?

Thank you Karl and Miranda for having me over again! I always enjoy our conversations and your sense of humour! Enjoy your sneak peek! I’ll be in touch with the rest of your gallery soon.






I’m hoping that little Ava is going to be my new business partner. She’s going to teach me exactly what tricks worked for this session to make it go so well so I can remember to do exactly that at every newborn session! The only downside to a baby that follows the schedule so well is that I don’t get much snuggle time!

She was alert and awake at the beginning and happily took part in family shots. She then had a little snack and was peacefully snuggled to sleep. For the first time ever, I had to call the end of the session – she slept through everything! Being swaddled, being unswaddled, soiling my blankets, being moved from basket to beanbag, being snuggled, being posed on her Daddy’s John Deer, being posed under a tree…..she didn’t budge!

Thank you to Ava’s parents and her wonderful big sister for such a peaceful morning. I enjoyed chatting with you! Looking forward to seeing you again at our ordering session!

Sweet snuggler

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