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We live for the nights we’ll never forget with the friends we’ll always remember – Author Unknown

This shoot made me nostalgic!

I was asked to photograph a pre-prom graduation party so the families could relax and enjoy the awesome spread that they put on. This was a GOOD LOOKING bunch who were full of energy and had put a lot of work into making this evening unforgettable – gorgeous dresses, beautiful flowers, wish balloons, a massive limo/bus, impeccable hairstyles etc etc. The details were fun to capture, but my favourite part of the assignment was capturing the friendships. These girls have a special bond, and it was an honour to be there to capture it.

Sarah, Melissa and Breanna – thank you so much for having me over to capture this special time. I hope you look back at these photos 50 years from now and remember the laughs and great memories. Good luck to all of you as you start your next adventures!

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