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I have two years worth of blogging to get caught up on and I’m starting with the first wedding from the 2018 season. This one holds a special place in my heart.

I love the stories, the emotions and the connections on a wedding day. I love getting to know a couple and seeing their special day unfold.

I have known Amber for 12 years so this wedding was incredibly special as I know the stories that brought us to this day. To be able to witness and capture the love that Luke and Amber share was an absolute honour. From the minute they started planning, the focus has always been on what’s important to these two – a simple declaration of their love and commitment to one another, personal touches, family surrounding them and good food and drinks :) I truly did very little directing – what is seen in these photos is authentic.

Amber and Luke – Being able to witness a dear friend full of joy is priceless. I could have written a novel to describe how important it was to me to be a part of your day. I look forward to seeing you both grow together and build a life together. Your love is real and raw and it was an absolute pleasure to get to witness your commitment. I wish you lots of love, laugh and adventures in the future :)


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