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When your last image of the night is of the bride and groom jumping on a trampoline at 4am in the streets of New York City, you know it’s been a fun night.

I am SO thankful that everything aligned and I was able to meet up with family to be there to capture this amazing day.   It was clear from the start that Stuart and Cher wanted to enjoy their day and they wanted their guests to be spoiled.  There was the ceremony in a gorgeous part of Central Park, a cocktail party that included games of hide and seek, touching speeches, traditional songs, fun photos in the dark, firetrucks, karaoke and trampolines. A LOT was packed into this day and I could not have enjoyed it any more.

Stuart and Cher – thank you so much for treating us all so well and for being such a fun (and energetic!) couple. I am so excited for you to see all of your photos!

central park ceremony


central park











As I sat down to prepare Amanda and Simon’s blog post, I looked through their images and was reminded of how beautiful, relaxed and full of love their day was. This was also the first wedding I’ve been in where everything ran exactly (like EXACTLY) on time!

Amanda and Simon were so easy to hang out with. My absolute favourite part of the day was wandering around the Domain Perrault Vinery finding the little nooks and unique spots where we could create some beautiful images. This involved climbing around spider webs and farm equipment but they did it will smiles and a sense of adventure! Amanda and Simon have an easy, loving way about them and I loved capturing this in their photos!

Amanda and Simon – thank you for having me out to celebrate with you and to document part of your incredible day. You threw a gorgeous wedding and your guests were so friendly and helpful. It was an amazing day! I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon and I look forward to showing you the rest of your gallery!

formals ReceptionDomaine Perrault

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