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It’s hard to put into words just how moving and full of love this day was. It was obvious from the start that Karin and Sam wanted this day to be about celebrating their love and making sure their guests had an amazing time.  The details were thoughtful and gorgeous, the food was incredible and the party was SO much fun.   I was also so thrilled to get to share the day shooting with Amber from Amber Anderson Photography.

I could write a book about the touching, incredible moments throughout this day. One of the parts that stands out the most were the speeches. All of the speeches were beautifully written and spoke of two people who work hard to make this world a place where people feel important, safe and valued.  Many of us got teary as Karin and Sam’s family and friends described these two wonderful women. There were also a TON of laughs.
?This group knows how to have a good time! The reception was SO much fun to photograph!

Karin and Sam – thank you so much for including Amber and I in your day. I left your party so thankful to have witnessed the love you have for each other, your friends and family.



These two get married in one week so I thought it was time I blogged their engagement session! The thing that stands out most for me is just how in love they are. I didn’t have to ask them to snuggle, whisper in each others’ ear, smile at each other – it just came naturally to them. I CAN NOT wait to photograph this wedding. It is going to be full of such special details and amazing moments.

Emily and Phil – see you in ONE WEEK!


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