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As we emailed back and forth about this shoot, Mom said that the plan was for everyone to look “awake and natural”. As I went thought the proofs, I felt that these words described the shoot so well – awake, present, natural, real, peaceful and authentic. This family followed their baby’s lead and we captured their story as it unfolded naturally this afternoon. The expressions, connections and love you see in these photos are real – as a photographer I can capture these things but I can’t create them. I gave such minimal direction to these 3 – they are naturals in front of the camera.


Zoe1 2014-03-22_0002
Just to prove how natural and fun this shoot was. THIS is what I got when I said “I’m going to get some close ups of Zoe – you two can relax and do your thing” :) :
Thank you so much K and M for having me over. I loved this shoot and I can’t wait to show you your gallery!

I’ve typed, deleted, and typed this first sentence at least 10 times now. It’s hard for a photographer to write about a writer.

I first “met” Tanya last spring through the blog she is writing – Musings about metamorphic change. It follows her cancer, her breasts and “most of the gory details” (her words). I was drawn in by her descriptive and unedited way of speaking her truth. She writes about her journey in a raw and candid way . It includes all of the details – her fear, her anger, her hope, her children, her sense of humour and her strength, her boots, her eyelashes, her seester, awesome music…

Tanya approached this shoot in very much the same fashion that she writes. She was open and candid. She showed some of the facets of her personality – there was cooking, children, yoga, dogs, large stuffed animals, wigs, tigers, no wigs, music and love notes all over the house from people letting her know she is supported. This woman is loved. I enjoyed every second of documenting the small snapshot of time in her journey.

I contacted Tanya a few weeks ago asking if it was still okay for me to blog about this session.  I wasn’t sure if she would want to go back to the summer when things were different. She was in the middle of counting down chemo and radiation treatments then – not finishing up reconstructive surgery. Her response was that it was my call and that I could write it “whenever the spirit moves you!”. I started writing the post in my head.

The post has had to change, but only slightly. There has been an irritating, annoying, painful and scary setback with Tanya’s reconstructive surgery. I’m angry that she’s having to deal with it.  I’m angry that her blog isn’t allowed to be filled with posts about how well her surgery went and how much she loves her new boobs (I am anxiously awaiting that post!). I’m angry that someone who has summoned so much strength over the past year is having to dig up some more.

I tried to figure out words to describe admiring someone’s strength and vulnerability without sounding cliche and unauthentic. It’s hard. I’m a photographer – not a writer. I’ll just say that I hope Tanya pursues writing more about her journey. I hope more people get to benefit from what she has to say (she is FUNNY…and she’ll make you cry…be warned).  I hope everyone reading this starts to follow her blog so we can be taken along the journey with her as she moves onward.


When I asked big brother to tell me 2 special things about his new sister he said “Her name is baby Lulu and…and…she likes to nurse!”.  When I asked him for two special things about himself, he said “I like to play….and….um….and….I LIKE TO EAT!”. I loved being able to hang out and chat with him – the last time I saw him was 3 years ago at his newborn session. He has grown into a really engaging and lovable young man! He was my assistant for this shoot and he did a wonderful job!

Little Lulu was a dream to shoot. She was so calm. For the first 20 minutes that I held her she just looked up at me and stared and blinked her sweet little eyelids. She eventually fell asleep and we got to capture her with her family being snuggled and loved!

Thank you to Mom for having me over to capture the newest addition! I loved my time with you all! I’ll be in touch soon with your gallery!lulublog

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