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I was so happy to hear from I and A that there was a new addition to their family. A few years ago, I photographed their gorgeous first born C (her post can be found here). As you can see, the beautiful long eyelashes she had as a baby are still present 3 years later! She has grown into such a sweet and adventurous little girl. While we were waiting for her baby sister to finish her meal, she gave me a tour of her room and a few guitar lessons. I love these little unexpected moments.

Once little J was finished eating, she was wide awake and ready for her shoot. She was happiest being snuggled and just observing what was happening around her. I sat back and captured what naturally happened in front of me. She watched intently as her sister played with her toes. She peeked up at me and then snuggled contently into Mom’s neck. She gazed up at her father as he spoke softly to her. As she got tired she let us know that she needed rocking and walking. Once asleep, she stayed peacefully in her parents’ arms as she was snuggled and smooched by her sister. I hope these photos help them all to remember the sweet, daily moments that happen with a new baby.

Thank you I and A for having me over again. You have such a sweet family – I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with you all! I will be in touch soon with your gallery!

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