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I loved shooting this session. When I got home after this shoot I  downloaded my cards to see what we captured. I immediately started selecting which ones I was going to blog and I noticed that they all had something in common. My favourites from this shoot were all little moments in between posing (honestly, these are always my favourite). Those little moments capture real life as it was during the first few weeks with a newborn. Little Olive will  look back at these photos and her parents will be able to tell her the stories of how hard it was to resist kissing her, how they couldn’t take their eyes from her, how peaceful breastfeeding could be, how she loved being swaddled and snuggled and how Daddy had a special way of calming her. This is a special family and that little girl is so lucky to now be a part of it.

Thank you N and E for the wonderful afternoon. I feel so blessed to have met you! I’ll be in touch with your gallery soon.


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