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I was excited to hear that this family was expecting a new addition! We had such a great time at our family shoot two years ago (see here). We also love the same type of photography – relaxed and natural. When I asked what they were looking for for this session, they wanted the focus to be on interactions in their own environment. This is my absolutely favourite thing to capture! When I look back on my own childhood photos, my favourites are the ones that tell the story of where I lived, who loved me, what we did etc.

When E looks back at her 3 month photos, I hope she is able to see what was there during our shoot. This little girl is so loved by her parents and big sister. She lives in a  beautiful house surrounded by nature with parents who will encourage her to be herself and who value individuality. She has a big sister who really loves being in photos with her (but who is also happy to have a little photoshoot just by herself!) Her family loves to hold her, love her and just be with her. I hope she looks back on these photos and smiles.

Thank you C and E for having me out again! As promised – here is your blog post!

When C contacted me to inquire about a session, I knew we’d be a good fit! She said she loved natural, outdoor photos and she wanted photos that captured “how our family is at the moment for our memories”. They way she described her kids made them sound fun and rambunctious (they were!). I was looking forward to this shoot!

This session makes me smile. These kids were sweet when I asked them to sit for some headshots but they completely came alive when they were told to run and explore. Their energy and enthusiasm was contagious! I love the images we made.

C and P – thank you so much for having me out to take photos of your sweet family! Enjoy your blog post!

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