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I thought that this line from their first dance song was a perfect title for J and D’s blog post. Throughout their day it was obvious just how much in love they are. As I went through all of my images from the day, I was surprised at just how many I had of them gazing at each other. During the ceremony, dinner, family photos and  when we were doing the formal photos, they preferred to be laughing and talking to each other rather than looking at the camera. As a photographer, I love this! I love capturing genuine emotion and connection. These two made it easy.

One of my favourite parts of shooting weddings is listening to the speeches and getting to know the couple better. The speeches this night did not disappoint! They were funny and touching. They poked fun and J and D and were emotional about how important they were to their friends and family. These two are loved (by people with really great senses of humour!). After the speeches I felt really proud that I got to be the photographer for two such wonderful people.

The wedding and ceremony were held at the Canadian Golf and Country Club where we were treated so well. We had a personal chauffeur taking us around the golf course as we did the photos! The beautiful decorations were provided by In the Moment party and event planning. The block rockin’ beats were supplied by Greg with First Choice Entertainment. A huge shout out to photographer Shona Reid for helping me out – you are invaluable!

J and D – I knew I would love working with you two the moment we met.  Your relaxed nature and genuine kindness made your wedding day so enjoyable for me. It was also nice to work with people who got excited about good light! Enjoy your blog post – I’ll be in touch very soon with your gallery!



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