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Kids make their own schedules! We changed the time for this shoot a number of times because K kept moving his nap time around. On the day of the shoot, he decided to sleep in. I was happy he did because it meant I was there for bathtime! I love capturing the beauty of everyday events. The focus of this shoot was on capturing K and his family as they are now. His bathtime, lunchtime, snuggle time and playtime.

When K first woke up he was pensive and calm. His Dad said “maybe we should get the photos done now, before he wakes up!” His Dad was right! Once K woke up he was on the MOVE. He does nothing slowly! This session was full of fun, giggly chaos! Perfect!   I felt like I’d had a good workout by the end.

Thank you to K’s parents for having me over (and for sending me home with an awesome curry!) He is such a loving, playful, and sweet little man. I can see why you are so completely smitten by him! Enjoy your sneak peek! I’ll be in touch with your gallery soon.



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