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This session opened with a listen to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO while the 2 year old shook it for us. He is quite passionate about his dancing, and it was one of the most energetic ways I’ve opened a session! It was a fun moment on many levels – I captured O over two years ago when he was a newborn. I love watching families grow and seeing how my little newborns develop personalities. O went from being folded on a little bean bag in the bathroom (it’s where the best light was!) to fist pumping in the living room!

His new little brother seems to be following in his party footsteps! Right now, he prefers to be up and eating rather than relaxed and sleeping (at least for this shoot!). He was happy to be surrounded and snuggled by people, and he seemed to prefer to be awake and not miss any of the action! His big brother was quite similar – duringĀ  his newborn shoot he would open one eye to peek at me when I was SURE he was asleep.

This was my fourth shoot with this family and each time I leave feeling lucky they “found” me (they were my very first “Google” inquiry!) I love hearing about what they have been up to and chatting parenting, traveling and running with them! Thank you C and D for a wonderful and relaxing session (with a little dance thrown in) – I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! I’ll be in touch with your gallery soon!


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