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I’ve said it many times on my blog, but I’ll keep repeating it – I love having clients that become regulars! I first met Tara, Darren, Keegan and Finn last year for this shoot. This time, they requested a (fully clothed) session that captured them wandering through their neighborhood. Tara’s parents also joined us. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon – we got to wander and chat, stop and take photos, play around on scooters and have crawling races. This family is so much fun to be with – I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to hang out with them and capture their connection.

Darren and Tara – thank you so much for having me back to capture your family. I enjoy chatting travel and running with you (I finally got a “runner’s wave” this weekend!). Keegan and Finn are such sweet, fun loving and adventurous boys. I was especially touched by what a sweet big brother Keegan is – I can tell that Finn adores him too! They have a special bond and I hope I get to continue following them as they grow up! Enjoy your sneak peek! I’ll be in touch very soon with your gallery!



I knew when Janet and I finally met we were going to get along. She contacted me back in August to book a fall family session because it is her favourite time of year. I had so much fun planning out the details with her of where we would go and what they would wear (she did an awesome job dressing her family!). We booked the session for the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend – not knowing that this was going to be a REALLY warm fall and the leaves would not have turned in all of my favourite spots. We didn’t want green!

The night before our shoot I went on a little reconnaissance mission to find us some fall colours and I stumbled upon this place. The lighting was so gorgeous and the colours were perfect! I was so excited to find this perfect spot for their family session. We had so much fun during this session – tickling, giggling, throwing leaves, pushing jogging strollers through makeshift trails and attempting to feed birds. Lauren was adorable and didn’t need any direction for posing for the camera and sweet little Ethan was content to sit in a pile of leaves and explore!

Thank you Janet and Marc for having me out to capture your family at this beautiful time of year! I’m thrilled with what we have created! Enjoy your sneak peek – I’ll be in touch with your gallery soon!

I love getting the call from past clients that they are expecting again! Karl, Miranda, Ben and I had a great time 2 years ago at Ben’s newborn session (in fact, Ben was the poster child for Jennifer Boggett Photography for a while!). His session can be found here.

Kate is the newest addition to this wonderful family and I can already see some personality traits coming out! She is squeaky just like her brother – when I changed her position she would let out a little squeak and then settle down again. She was also quite assertive ( a trait I love!) – she let me know very calmly which poses she would and wouldn’t be put into. If I curled her up and she didn’t like it, she would calmly uncurl and settle down. It wouldn’t matter how many times I tried!  When she was comfy – she would stay put as long as I needed her too. She is a sweet, snuggly little thing and I enjoyed our morning together so much!

Chatting with Karl and Miranda and playing outside with Ben added even more enjoyment to my morning. This is a fun, interesting family with a wonderful sense of humour. There were lots of laughs! The session ended with a good giggle about the “girly” piddle that was left on the blanket by Kate. Heart shaped, how sweet is that?

Thank you Karl and Miranda for having me over again! I always enjoy our conversations and your sense of humour! Enjoy your sneak peek! I’ll be in touch with the rest of your gallery soon.






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