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I met little Jake and his parents the day that he turned one month. As most photographers will tell you, it’s hard to predict what a session with a one month old will be like as they aren’t quite as “bendy” and they are starting to be more alert. Jake’s parents and I agreed that we would just follow his lead and see what we got! I love that we focused mostly on captures with Jake and his  parents in these as these are always my favourites from a session.

I was introduced to the magic pink exercise ball this session. At one point during the session it was obvious that Jake was tired but he was having a difficult time getting to sleep. His Mom scooped him up, snuggled him and sat and bounced on the ball. Almost immediately he calmed down and closed his eyes. Something that puts your child to sleep while giving you a workout?! I’ll take two!

The other little story that stands out from this session happened while I was taking photos of Jake and his mother. I went to the window to arrange the curtains and peeked in the backyard. Jake’s dad was back there, with a vase, picking flowers. Apparently he does this often. I thought about what a sweet model this was for Jake as he grows up. Even during busy, somewhat chaotic times (as it can be with a new baby in the house), it’s important to take part in little tasks that we enjoy. When we arrived back downstairs, this was sitting on the table (love the colours!):

Thank you Jake, Aimy and Ian for the wonderful morning. I have enjoyed getting to know you and I can’t wait for you to see your full gallery! Enjoy your sneak peek!


After the initial meeting with Steve and Deb I knew I REALLY wanted to shoot this wedding. It was on a relaxed Monday afternoon and only a few people knew about it. Their plan was to surprise their friends and colleagues once they returned home from their “holidays”. When we discussed what they wanted with their photography, they said “We trust you to do your thing. Capture the wedding as it happens”. I was excited!

When I sit down to write my blog posts I pick a detail or moment that sticks out in my mind. If I didn’t limit myself, I’d be writing novels for blog posts. The thing that struck me most about Deb and Steve were just how surrounded by love they were. There were less than 20 people at this wedding, and they all contributed little details to make the day memorable. Two “attachments” to their getaway car, large “congratulations” signs placed outside their house and on their balcony, a special guest book and a fireworks show – these were all put together (with minimal planning time!) by their friends. Love and friendship was the focus of the day and I felt so honoured to be a part of it.

Deb and Steve – I have enjoyed all of the time we have spent together discussing the details, planning the album and hearing your honeymoon stories. I hope we get the chance to work together again in the future! You two are lucky to have each other and I am so happy we met. I hope you enjoy your blog post (finally!).



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