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I’m hoping that little Ava is going to be my new business partner. She’s going to teach me exactly what tricks worked for this session to make it go so well so I can remember to do exactly that at every newborn session! The only downside to a baby that follows the schedule so well is that I don’t get much snuggle time!

She was alert and awake at the beginning and happily took part in family shots. She then had a little snack and was peacefully snuggled to sleep. For the first time ever, I had to call the end of the session – she slept through everything! Being swaddled, being unswaddled, soiling my blankets, being moved from basket to beanbag, being snuggled, being posed on her Daddy’s John Deer, being posed under a tree…..she didn’t budge!

Thank you to Ava’s parents and her wonderful big sister for such a peaceful morning. I enjoyed chatting with you! Looking forward to seeing you again at our ordering session!

Sweet snuggler

You have to love when you get an email from a potential client talking about light. Tamara described the type of light she loved and why she loved it. It was the whole inspiration for this shoot and I’m excited for her to see this sneak peek!

This family was so relaxed and into the whole process of the shoot – even with the mosquitoes and muggy summer night’s air. The kids were excited to explore, run through fields, pose a bit and sneak off to share a bag of gummies.  While we played, I made a joke about stealing their snacks to make them laugh and run away. Instead of running away, on several occasions they would come dashing across the the field to share with me. How sweet is that?

Tamara and Kohji – thank you so much for inviting me to take your family’s photos! I love what we have created! I’ll be in touch soon with your gallery!

I’ve said it before, my favourite captures are ones that capture a person’s true personality and real moments. These two gorgeous girls were so full of energy, ideas, opinions on what we should shoot and where we should do it. Favourite stuffies were pulled in for captures (as were stuffies that were newly resurrected as favourites). We jumped on beds and couches. We gazed out windows. We ran around the hallways. We went on slides (well, they did…). We climbed up rocks. We went swinging on bars. We searched for crackers. We also sat quietly, played with balloons and watched Dora.

Thank you H family for an energy filled morning! I feel very lucky to have had the chance to get to get to know your beautiful girls and their vibrant personalities. Playing and running with your children was the perfect start to a weekend – I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you all!

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