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I’m finally catching up on my blogging from before Christmas! Just a few more to go!

This family has had a number of blog posts and they are always such a joy to photograph! Little Ellie is the third addition  – and she chose a wonderful, creative, fun, and loving family to join. Sweet Ellie slept like a, well, baby throughout the whole session. She was happy to be folded and snuggled and fed. There was the small incident involving projectile spit up at the beginning – but I think she was just letting me know that she was in charge.

I loved that Ellie’s parents wanted me to incorporate the Charlie Brown Christmas tree into the shoot! Perfect for a newborn!

Thank you, Val and Mike, for having me over to continue to capture your ever growing family. Looking forward to #4?

Thank you for being patient with your blog post!


“It’s the little moments that make life big”.

I had a wonderful maternity session this weekend with a family I met when I was first starting my business. I love being able to witness everyday moments that may seem routine when in reality they are anything but.

Little Kai loves his “foamy milk” that his Daddy makes him (Daddy makes a wicked cup of coffee for those of us who like some caffeine with ours). As we were waiting to start the session, Kai and his Daddy sat down to enjoy a drink together, which was one of my favourite times of the morning.

More of the “official” part of the session to come!

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