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I usually start my sessions by getting to know the child and playing a bit – so the little one knows that this is going to be fun and that the big black thing in front of my face is used for good and not evil. Well, I had to spend all of one minute getting to know Matty – he was READY for this session. He chatted away and was more than happy to be the centre of attention. After staring at me for about a second, he put on a HUGE gummy grin and babbled. I’m SURE he was saying “Welcome to my house! Let’s have some fun!” I have a feeling that Liz and Ed are going to have quite the social butterfly on their hands.

Matty is so full personality! We had a lot of fun making noises at each other and “chatting”. He loved snuggling with his parents and showing me his toys. He seemed to soak up all of the different experiences from the session – he had no problems being moved around, changing outfits or being naked (I think he liked this the best!). It was hard not to feel like I was leaving the party early as I packed up when we were finished!

Liz and Ed – thank you so much for having me into your home, I had so much fun at our session. I hope you are getting yourselves prepared for when Matty starts moving – I have a feeling he won’t be stopping for much!


When I first met Leith he was snuggled into his Mommy with a sweet little smile on his face.  He was freshly bathed and his adorable fuzzy lid was sticking up all over the place. He is a peaceful happy little man. Which, isn’t surprising…this is a peaceful, happy house.

There were house guests, a few dogs and a couple of cats present for our session – yet this was still one of the calmest sessions I’ve had to date. Little Leith seemed to enjoy all of the activity around him. He slept when he was tired, he ate happily (and thoroughly!) when he was hungry and he was content when full. He seems so aware for someone so little – some of my favourite captures from the session are from when he was staring and studying his mother’s face.

Thank you, Bronwyn, for having me over to capture your adorable, sweet, fuzzy headed Leith. I enjoyed getting to know you both!


When I received Natalie’s  email saying:  “I especially hope that we can capture that lovely joyful soulfulness of our kids that I love so much.  Really great photos can do that, and are a joy forever”, I knew I was going to love this session. I just loved how she described her kids and what photography can capture.

It was not hard to capture the joyful soulfulness of this family. They raced through the house with balloons, showed me remnants of a science-princess party, introduced me to “horsie and Georgie”, demonstrated just how much fun a pile of letters and numbers can be, learned a new block puzzle game, and  snuggled and giggled on a bed.  This is a family that values creativity, encourages their children to be authentic and who love each other deeply. I really really love what I do.

Thank you Natalie and Jamie for having me into your home for a wonderful morning. I really love what we created.


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