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Neil and I went to University together and graduated (*cough*) 10 years ago. We must have been REALLY young when we started University. As many people do these days, we reconnected through Facebook and I was thrilled when he booked a maternity session for his wife as a surprise. We tried a number of times to book a time but what with freezing rain and a packed schedule, Neil ended up asking to change it to a newborn session – and I was SO glad that he did! I got to spend a morning with sweet little Maya!

Maya was a joy to photograph – she was alert and content at first and then fell into a nice slumber for some curly shots. She was a hungry little thing, which provided me an opportunity to capture feeding/cuddling moments with Mom, Reena. While I love taking the individual baby shots, my absolute favourite captures from sessions are the ones that show a baby with those that love her.  This is one loved little girl – and it wasn’t hard to capture the images to prove this. This was such a relaxing and peaceful session. – and isn’t she gorgeous? A wonderful way to spend a morning!

Thank you Neil and Reena for having me over to capture sweet Maya – I enjoyed getting the chance to photograph your beauty and to catch up! Hope to see you again soon.


This session was so sweet and peaceful. This little one was so happy to be fed by Daddy, snuggled by Mommy and sniffed at by the dog. She fell asleep easily and seemed to enjoy being snuggled into warm blankets. Thank you to her Mommy and Daddy for having me over to capture this precious time in her life, it was an absolute pleasure to spend the morning with you all!


I was thrilled when Ang contacted me to do her maternity/family session. We’ve known each other since we were 12 but didn’t stay in touch when we both left our hometown. Thanks to Facebook, we reconnected and found out that we both have a passion for photography. I actually credit Ang for getting me on the path of studying the craft and working towards finding my own style. She posted an album of travel photos and I was so captivated by them. They told a story and I wanted to learn how to tell a story that well.

This was a fun session! We laughed a lot. Brandon has the BEST expressions and some of my favourite family captures are the ones with Ayla tickling him. His expressions are priceless! Ayla was perfect in front of the camera (not always the way with photographer’s children, especially one who hasn’t had a nap!) and full of energy and curiosity.

Ang – thank you for having me capture your pregnancy and family! You were so much fun to be with (and you wore GREAT clothes!)


This session was a “push present” for Tara (great idea, Darren!). When I asked Tara what she was looking for, she had a vision of her family lounging on their bed on a Sunday morning. I loved this idea and I love how the captures turned out. Catching families where their personalities and relationships are the focus makes my heart happy! This session was relaxin, full of lots of laughs and sweet.

Keegan is a new big brother and the captures of him and his brother are some of my favourite. He is so protective and sweet. He requested many captures with his little brother, Finn and had ideas as to how he wanted to pose them. He was very helpful throughout the session – he wanted to help swaddle, console, cuddle and hold his brother. Finn is a lucky little guy.

Thank you, Darren and Tara, for having me over to capture your beautiful family. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.


To be honest, when I hear “we’d love some photos of the baby and his 2 year old brother” I worry a bit! Not all two year olds are up to being gentle and kissing the tiny, wrinkly person who has taken up residence in their house.

I didn’t have to worry about Carson. He LOVES being a big brother and he is so gentle with the new Bradley. He was happy to kiss him, to comfort him and cuddle him (he even tried to help me pose him). He would hug him and close his eyes with a smile on his face like he was enjoying the moment. Pretty deep for a 2 year old! Bradley is going to be well protected as he grows up.

Caroline and Mike – thanks for having me over to capture this special time in your lives. I love spending time with your family.


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