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This was the cry that was stuck in my head for hours after this session! Carson (the brother to be) is all about Buzz Lightyear right now. Any chance that he had to run he had his wings out and he was yelling at his Dad “Come get me Zurg!!”. He would then use his laser to get him. As is often the case with pre-schoolers, this game was repeated over and over and over and over…it was really cute! So we had Buzz visiting when we were doing Mom’s maternity photos and Buzz had to be caught for family photos. So much fun!

I captured this family at the same time lastyear and we had just as much fun this time around! Caroline and Mike are expecting their second boy so we scheduled a session to capture the end of her pregnancy (isn’t she gorgeous) and to capture their little family of 3 as they all wait for the new arrival.  Our sessions are always full of energy, laughs and the occasional run in with a golf cart.

Thanks for having me over again to capture your family. Can’t wait for your newborn session!


Besides being incredibly photogenic, Emily and Phil are so sweet and romantic! Each month they plan a date night on their anniversary date and they take turns being the one to organize it and surprise the other one. Emily was in charge this month and I think she came up with the best idea yet – a photo shoot!  I had a blast capturing this carefree, fun and loving couple.

Thanks Emily and Phil for the fabulous evening! You are both so annoyingly photogenic!


I was so excited to finally get the call that Arthur had arrived!

Usually at 13 days babies are sleepy and foldable – sweet, adorable Arthur was neither! Truth be told – he was just too chunky to fold! How irresistible is he? I could have snuggled him all day. Love the chunk :)

His big sister, Lucy,was so excited to get her photos taken. She was all about jumping and she was happy to show me all the places she could jump – the hallway, the stairs, the chair, the couch…..the energy was endless! The last time I photographed her she was all about dancing – this kid likes to move!

Thank you, Joan and Arno, for having me over to photograph this special time.  Your home has such a comfortable, peaceful (even with the crying and jumping!) feel to it – I love coming to visit!

Enjoy your sneak peek!


Ottawa Mini Sessions

October 3, 2010

This is a great way to get a taste of custom photography and to update your family photos! Email if you have any questions or want to book!


I met Julie and Devin last year when I photographed their little 3 month old. See here for the blog post.

I was thrilled to hear from them in the summer. They were planning on getting Ewan baptized and they decided to surprise their family by getting married at the same time! As a photographer who loves to capture special moments as they happen, I was so excited to shoot this! I think their baptism/wedding day reflected who they are so well – relaxed, committed, in love, a ton of fun and playful. There were a lot of smiles and laughs and I was happy to be there to capture them!

Thank you, Julie and Devin for inviting me to photograph this special occasion. I feel really lucky to have been part of such a special day for such wonderful people. I smile when I tell people about the details of your wedding/baptism – it was so personal, unique and fun. I love working with you and I hope to get the chance to do it again.

I hope you enjoy your post.


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