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The second of the Thunder Bay mini sessions! These three girls burst out of the car, ready to go. I was told that they had practiced their faces in the mirror and were looking forward to their session all day.

To be honest, I thought I had my work cut out for me when their mother told me that she wanted a photo of the girls together smiling. They were SO easy to photograph – they followed directions perfectly (even the 4 year  old!).  They liked being silly, which made me very happy. Mom and Dad got into the action easily too! This family trekked through the woods, walked up the rapids and spashed around Lake Superior happily.

At the end each of the girls gave me a present – friendship pins, drawings and a Loonie. All of these things now have a special place in my office.

Thank you Tina and Mike for a wonderful session! You have a gorgeous, fun family.


This is the first of the Thunder Bay mini session families! We had a VERY hot day but this family was so relaxed and fun. I photographed these girls last year. I love getting to follow kids growing up and learning about the things that make them unique. I love that Lauren had her hair freshly streaked (green!) for the session and Megan was so full of energy to go anywhere for a photo – including the very cold Lake Superior!

Trisha it was nice to see you again and I’m so happy that Dave could join us this year. You have a beautiful family!

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