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At the age of less than one month, Lily is already a bit of a celebrity in the birthing circles of Ottawa. I’m not the first one to blog about her either (although I AM the first one to get to blog photos of her…so that is something, right?).

During Andy and Jenn’s maternity session, we talked at length about the fact that Lily was presenting breech. Their original plan was a home water birth – they had talked about this even before they got pregnant. So the possiblity of a c-section (which is often the first and only option given to a mother when she is carrying a breech baby) was quite far from the birth they had envisioned. However, they were very open to whatever the safest options were for the birth. They did a ton of research and spoke with midwives and obstetricians. It turns out that a c-section was not the only option they had (and it wasn’t necessarily the safest). There was a doctor in town who was open to delivering a breech baby vaginally. 

Here is a newspaper article about Lily’s amazing birth:

And here is an interview from CBC with the Dr. who was present:

Following along with their journey has been inspiring. It is important that we question what we are told and be open to carving new paths. It is inspiring to hear of Drs. such as Dr. Posner who are willing to admit they have things to learn and who are open to change. It is exciting to hear that a family’s choice was respected.

As a newborn photographer I hear many wonderful stories of all the different ways that babies can enter the world. I believe that it should be the family’s decision on how that happens. In order to make good decisions we need accurate information, people willing to have open minds and stories like Lily’s to show there are options.

And finally, the sweet Lily and her family:



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