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For her mother’s maternity shoot, we wanted sun

For her birth, we wanted Sheena to wait! Her parents had a home birth planned and it was not going to be possible if she was born as early as her brother was. Luckily, she waited and she had an amazing enterance into the world surrounded by her parents, her brother and the midwives. If you ever need a smile, ask a 2 year old to describe the birth of his little sister. What a special family this little one has chosen.

Thank you Maya, Graham and Kai for having me over to capture the newest member of your family. I love how relaxed and full of laughs our sessions are! Thank you, Sheena, for being such a good sport. I posted the final capture of our session – where you are clearly saying “phew, that was fun, but I’m beat”.



I love how teensy she looks here…



This is little Miller.

His parents are also photographers ( – which made this session:

a) Fun because we got to talk shop.

b) Nerve racking because they are  photographers too.

(way more of a) than b))

Miller’s daddy, Scott, and I have talked about blogs for a while. He likes the ones that tell good stories…so over the past two weeks I’ve been trying to concoct a decent true story to go along with this post.

I drive 40 minutes into work each day. Last week I was driving, drinking my coffee and (honestly) working out what I was going to say in this post . Scott got peed on numerous times…there has to be a good story there…. I guess I was focusing WAY too hard because during a sip of coffee I saw flashing lights in my rearview mirror. I quickly glanced down at my speedometer. &*$@*. I’ll spare everyone the details but this blog post will forever be referred to as “the expensive post”.

(and I will be forever greatful to the kind Officer who did not make this post as expensive as it could have been).

Thank you Scott and Nicole for having me over to capture your beautiful family. You guys are so creative, kind, talented, funny and annoyingly photogenic. I always leave your house inspired.






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