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At the end of this session, G’s mom said “It was nice to spend a few hours just admiring my baby boy”.  A nice reminder of how special it is to spend time with those we love doing nothing but watching them.

G is an easy one to admire – just look at those eyes! He was such a sweet boy to spend the afternoon with. He is smiley, inquisitive and expressive! He is also very loving – some of my favourite captures from the session are the ones of him and his mother.

Thank you for having me over to capture G at 7 months, Val. As always, I enjoyed our time together! Enjoy your sneak peek!

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This shoot was another first for me.  It was a special shoot which reminded me of just how much I enjoy getting to learn the details about people.

I was contacted by Carrie to capture her family in the house that she grew up in. The focus was on capturing her father – both as an individual and in his relationships with his family. In the few hours that I was at their house I got to learn about a father, a pilot, a woodworker, a comedian, an organizer, a gardener, a reader, a loving grandfather, husband and a kind and patient man (among many many more roles…). This man is adored by his family.

This shoot was so special to me. I left inspired to think about what ways we can make our mark on the world and those around us.

Thank you Carrie and family for the opportunity to capture your fun and outgoing family.  It was a perfect way to spend a morning.

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Love lump

January 3, 2010

I photographed this family before we closed down for the holidays and I am happy to finally get to blog them!

The F family was so much fun! All of them were into getting some great photos and would do whatever necessary – climb trees, run up hills, wrestle with dogs. We almost lost M in a pile of mud.  However the belt she wore (which proved to be a good handle) and a husband with lightening quick reflexes saved us from this.

I’ve not had the chance to photograph many dogs, so the addition of Sophie was something new for me . Sophie was such a loveable, cuddly, snuggly dog – in our family we would call her a “love lump”.  She was a joy to photograph!

I also haven’t had the chance to photograph many teenagers. Photographing M was such a treat. She had amazing ideas for what we should do – and she was so interesting to talk to. Plus, she photographs beautifully – she is so photogenic.

Thank you F family for the chance to photograph your family. It is so obvious how much you love one another.

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