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I can’t describe how truly enjoyable it was to spend the day with this couple. Nicole (from Kandid Kids) and I had so much fun – all the way until 3am when the party was forced to shut down! This day was full of smiles, tears (happy ones), stories and a wonderful example of a couple in love.  A and G I feel honoured to have been a part of your day – I had an absolute blast with you and your wedding party. You are an incredibly fun and adventurous group of people! Thank you.

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This was such a fun session! Between the 3 of us adults we had a bunch of ideas as to where we should shoot – and I have to concede that the golf course was a great location (and not my idea!) See Mike, I can admit when I am wrong :)

This family was so easy to capture. I had to do very little directing – I truly captured them as they are. If they were close to each other, they were snuggling, holding hands or looking at each other. They also have an amazing sense of humour – there were lots of laughs!

 And little C is so adored – and anyone who meets him can see why.  He is so sweet, affectionate and curious. We had a little misunderstanding about a balloon – but he forgave my honest mistake and was such a fun boy to play with. He taught me that the sound a giraffe makes is “roar”.  I could have photographed him all day!

Thank you M, C and C for having me over to photograph your beautiful family. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

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I love that the giraffe got in on the snuggling action:

DSC_1351 (5x7)-b

DSC_1549 (5x7)-b-2

The almost 2-year-old little L loved to dance. I couldn’t get her to sing with me (apparently she doesn’t ever sing) but sing her some disco tunes and she will GROOVE. It was too cute! Add some animal crackers to the mix and you get one happy girl!

L was full of energy, curiosity and giggles – making this an extremely fun session. I love this age! Thanks J for having me over for the photo session – can’t wait for our next one! Enjoy your sneak peek.

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