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Sweet, little C was the noisiest newborn I have photographed so far! He made the cutest little sounds throughout the session – snoring, purring, squeaking and (as his parents described it) neighing.  It was too adorable!

I had such a wonderful time with this relaxed, fun family. I love watching the connections between parents and their children – C is so adored and loved.

Thank you B and K for the relaxing evening.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek. The rest will follow shortly!DSC_0633 (5x7)-b

DSC_0616 (5x7)-b

My favourite thing to photograph is relationships so having the opportunity to photography these two sweet boys and their family was a delight.  This family was so connected and wonderful to photograph.

Big brother J was very helpful and sweet to the younger E. Once J knew that I was trying to capture a picture of the two of them together, he did everything he could to get E’s attention – playing with him, hugging him, showing him things in the trees and running with him. E was full of energy and obvious love of his big brother he was happy to play (as long as he was allowed to move!)  These brothers have a special relationship and I feel  lucky to have had the chance to photograph it.

Thank you J and B for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

DSC_9431 (5x7)-b

DSC_9503 (5x7)-b

DSC_9464 (5x7)-b

I am loving all of the newborns I’ve been able to shoot in the past month and sweet C is was no exception! She was the tiniest little thing with long, gorgeous eyelashes and the cutest bellybutton. She slept solidly for an hour and barely squeaked as I was moving her around. What a dream!

Thank you A and I for having me come by to do your shoot – I had a wonderful time! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

DSC_8963 -b

DSC_9020 (5x7)-b

DSC_9079 (5x7)-b

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