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I love chubby cheeks!

June 30, 2009

Little G was another newborn I have been waiting to meet (I’ve known his mother for almost 20 years…yikes that makes me feel old)! He was so content throughout the whole visit and I couldn’t resist snuggling those cheeks!

He did give the impression that he wasn’t going to sleep for us, but he gave in at the end and we were able to snap a few sleepy shots.

Congratulations E and C! G is so lucky that he has you for parents. I can’t imagine the adventures you are going to take him on.

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We celebrated Father’s day in beautiful Merrickville. After a yummy brunch we went for a walk by the canal. It was the perfect time to capture some photos of Amélie and Bruce. Bruce is a wonderful, doting and loving father. She is very lucky to have him (and he is just as lucky to have her!)






I couldn’t wait!

June 20, 2009

When my friend Val informed me she was pregnant I think I blurted out “I get to do  newborn pictures, right?!” before I said congratulations! I was so happy to finally meet this little guy.

Congrats Val, Mike and Mac…..Gabe is newborn perfection, I can’t wait to follow him as he grows up!

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This family was so much fun to photograph! They were so easy going and up for anything. Thanks K and M for a great session!

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